Sunday, November 1, 2009

The many summer adventures of Brittany...with sidekick Kimberly Brown.

I have time on my hands so I've decided to blog. It was brought to my attention, some time ago, that I never did a blog about the summer and since there were so very many great adventures I feel it would be a tragedy to not share them with all of you fine blog readers. Thus, I shall share. The sharing will be in no particular order as it takes too much time and energy to think of what comes next in the correct order. Instead I am just going to go with whatever suites my fancy. Hopefully you will enjoy.

The summer started out with Kimberly and myself moving into an apartment together , a sure-fire recipe for entertainment. When we moved in Kim commented on how nice and kept up the place looked and how she especially like the cute picket fence. Within a week I had remedied that by running over a flower pot, which she turned around so you couldn't see the missing half, and backing into the, "cute picket fence". I did not hit the building that was on the other side, though and I was watching that very closely. I somehow forgot to watch the, "cute picket fence."

The fence came out much better than my car. However, later on someone else ran into the fence and smashed out a section. I feel that justice has been served.

In the beginning of the summer I decided to get thrifty with my laundry. It didn't work so well. I ended up collecting laundry off the fire escape, driveway, our yard and the Farmers yard. Talk about mortifying! The full story is in a previous post.

The nice cable guy helped me retrieve my clothing out of the tree. Sadly, I did not get his number. It's a shame because such helpful men are quite hard to come by.

Kim and I had gone to Kroger to buy some groceries. While in the store we saw a mouse run right across the aisle and under the next set of shelves. I naturally went into a frenzy and Kim, naturally, became quite taken up with trying to shut me up. This only fueled my frenzy. *mischievous smile* We came out of Kroger to find a flat tire on my car which was not really my car. I was borrowing it due to the fact that my car had a blown head gasket. This car had no jack and no spare. *Exasperated sigh and totally non-mental eye-roll* This is how the summer began, fixing my car problems and Kim crashing her car. *Disclaimer-It wasn't her fault.

This is how Kimberly helped. She provided entertainment! Meanwhile Andrew flinched everytime I brought the tire iron down on the tire that he was holding. I was trying to beat the tire on while he held it in place. I didn't hit his hand even once!

Mt Airy tree house. We saw a raccoon and Kim was quite enamored by him. I think she wanted to take him home but couldn't get close enough to catch him.

Bishop camping trip. Every year we go camping on the beach for a week and every year we flood Ponderosa. There's at least 4 more tables behind them. We also hit up AJ's, take over the go-kart track and have heated, fend-for-yourself races. I won the first one last year and came second in the 2nd one. *proud smile* There generally ends up being at least 50 people on the trip.

The beach...drift wood.

This is Charlie, Oh yah!, and Ellen. Charlie was our friend. He was a chair, a towel rack, a table and a log. We love Charlie.

We thought about taking it...we refrained. Charlie's in the background! Look, there's Charlie!

Anna, Ellen, myself. One day we decided to go on a good long bike ride. At the end we climbed 211 stairs, I counted for us all, and got to the top of the look out. This is what was up there.

We didn't brush our teeth all week. Just kidding! We plastered air heads on our teeth during the day and at night cracked open glow sticks and set our teeth aglowin'. One night we also set the dog aglow by coloring on her with the liquid inside the glow stick. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures.

Before they got cracked open.

One dark night Kim and I were called into the police station as we had witnessed a heinous crime. OK, that's a lie...but we did have to go into the station. Anyway, one night about 11pm Mr. Miles, Kimberly and myself were sitting in the station, Kim and I were going to be interrogated. Mr. Miles was along for moral support. I asked the cop if he could shoot, He said, "yes". I asked if he could shoot well, he said, "No, his aim was not very good." I prayed he would never have to come to my rescue. I asked if I could shoot his gun, he said, "no". He questioned me. I asked if I got a souvenir...
This is what he gave me. It made me happy. =D It made Mr. Miles and Kim laugh and shake their heads.

We decided to put it to use.

Sun burn was a very big part of my summer as I insisted on being in the pool for hours and not using and sunblock at all. But...i didn't get sun poisoning this time.

Smores where also a big part of the summer. Except for that time we caught the tree on fire. We decided not to make smores then.

Michigan, home sweet home. It's beautiful, has lots of water and 2 types of people. The arrogant, rude ones with their noses stuck so far in the air that if it rained they'd drown...and the country folk.~~To take this pic I pulled over on the side of the highway and took off jogging down the highway due to the fact that I'd sorely misjudged the distance and parked a ways off but was not about to reenter traffic, drive a ways and pull off again. That'd look stupid and it looked a lot less stupid, I'm sure, to be running down the side of the road through grass up to my waste.

We had a girls weekend during which we consumed exorbitant amounts of ice cream and watched too many movies. Later we decided to go hiking up the side of some Kentucky mountain. We performed many daring feats including but not limited to, jumping from precipice to precipice knowing that if we missed we'd fall to a sure death. OK so we may have gotten off lucky and been paralyzed. Due to my height restraints and the fact I'd just watched several much taller, and less intelligent, people barely make the jump I chose to forgo the last jump and shimmy down through the cracks in the rock. It was more work but seemed safer.

Tempting fate and enjoying every moment. Tiffany was praying for my life.

One night Kimberly forgot her keys and asked if I wouldn't mind sending them down to her. I didn't mind. I constructed a rope out of Walmart bags and hung it off of our 3rd floor fire escape so when she got home that night she wouldn't be locked out.

This is how the summer ended. Still fixing my cars. And yes, I really truly was working on it.

Somehow, I feel like I have not even begun to capture the summer but this is getting rather lengthy and my patience is running rather short so this will be captured enough.
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Jo said...

What about the trip to Cinci Mills? You breaking my chair? The ski trip you took on the way to the bathroom? Eating a whole Chinese meal you know where? Playing in the rain? I miss you!

Jo said...

Oh, and hospital trips.

Brittany said...

I still can't believe you ate a whole chinese meal in the movie thea...opps. I won't say it. I feel like the best parts of the summer are missing but there were no pics to go with the best parts and you weren't here to help me!!! You had to go off and celebrate your birthday, ugh! =) Man, we had some fun times. I miss you too! Life is so...not crazy, random and fun and besides that I have to speak kindly and can't just say what's on my mind. Ugh, sensoring. :-) Remember part hopping? Story hr with... Camp outs. Watching Cool runnings...every night. Laughing until 1am and again at 3am and 5 am and not wanting to get up at 6am. Coutney! Oh man, I'm gonna start tearing up. ;)

Jo said...

We'll have to do it again sometime! LOL